Dr. Nooshie Motaref, PhD
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Author, Thought Leader, Speaker and Storyteller: Nooshie Motaref


Nooshie Motaref is the author of the award-winning novel, Tapestries of the Heart, and now The Land of Roses and Nightingales, has gone through many challenging life experiences unlike many women from the Middle East. Nooshie grew up in a family of strong women... and men. Her father owned a newspaper in Tehran. She was encouraged to pursue education and to make her own decision about marriage.  She grew up in Persia, and studied in Iran, Germany, Switzerland and United States. She received her master’s and doctorate degrees in American Literature and Folklore from Florida State University. Her dissertation is a proof of Carl Jung’s theory, the “ Collective Unconscious,” through Persian fairytales and folktales.

You may reach Nooshie at nooshiem@msn.com or by phone: +1.818.625.9360


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